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Today, the profitability and success of a company depend largely on making use of technologies, coupled with making a presence throughout the vast world of the Internet.

In recent years, Mexico has been one of the countries that has stood out most in terms of entrepreneurship, mainly small and medium enterprises. Many pursue the dream by taking as an example the success stories of those who have managed to cross borders and overcome the challenges that different markets imply. But what happens when every entrepreneur’s dream is truncated when the government stops supporting this extremely important sector?

Oblak is a company that has distinguished itself for 20 years for innovation within the Information Technology industry; their permanence in this increasingly competitive market, as well as their multiple projects carried out in different countries and for renowned companies, testify to the success of their impeccable work.
Recently, Oblak has unveiled one of its most important projects for this year 2020, supporting entrepreneurship in Mexico.

“Entrepreneurship in Mexico began to stop, we cannot allow one of the most important engines in our country to go out, or rather, that the lack of support from the government ends it. That is why, through Oblak Website (one of the Oblak group brands), we have created this initiative to support and boost companies. A Web page is a tool that allows the commercial scope to be enhanced and many times the lack of budget does not allow access to it. Entrepreneurship does not have to suffer the blunders of a government. In Oblak we are here to support. In Oblak we make your website FREE, so, without tricks, without deceptive advertising. ” Affirms Amarelys Meza, Marketing Manager.

Many are the companies that take advantage of the need that entrepreneurs have for their company to have a presence in the networks; in contrast, Oblak expresses its commitment to carry out this project, which they hope will be fully exploited, as it will be for a limited time.

The bases will be announced on the official website of Oblak Website; If you are an entrepreneur and you want your company’s website to be designed by professionals, contact Oblak experts (